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Choosing Your Stateroom

Choosing Your Stateroom

When you choose book your cruise, you will initially be required to book a category of cabin. Typically the price of the cruise is based on the size of your stateroom and its exposure to the outdoors. For example, staterooms with a window cost more than interior staterooms, and staterooms with a balcony generally cost more than those with only a window. However, there is much more to consider than simply whether you want a window or a balcony.

When you pick a category of cabin, you may be given a choice of several different cabins within your chosen category. Although the cabins may all look the same, some cabins are better than others.

If possible, try to book a stateroom that is located near more expensive cabins. The reason for this is that the cruise lines assign their best stateroom attendants to the highest priced cabins. If your cabin is located in close proximity to the higher priced cabins then you will likely get the best stateroom attendants without having to pay a premium price.

In some situations booking a cabin that is near a block of higher priced cabins might get you a few other perks as well. For instance, on one cruise on Celebrity we booked a standard balcony cabin that was located in close proximity to the Concierge Class cabins. As a result, our stateroom attendant supplied us with Concierge Class towels, robes, and room service menus. We received most of the benefits of being in Concierge Class without having to pay the price.

There is no guarantee that you will get better service or extra perks when you book a cabin that is located near the higher priced cabins. Even so, using this little trick has worked for Taz and I on several occasions.

Even if you aren’t able to get a stateroom near a block of higher priced cabins, it is worth spending some looking at a map of the ship before you choose your cabin. As you do, pay attention to what is nearby, as well as what is above you or below you.

Ideally you should avoid picking a cabin that is near the stairs or elevator. Even though such locations can be convenient they can also be noisy. I have been on a few cruises during which I had to listen to the elevator dinging all night as I tried to sleep.

As you choose your cabin, make sure that no large public areas are directly above you or below you. Public areas can be noisy, but a quick look at a map of the ship can help you to avoid the noise by tell you what is above and below your state room. After all, you don’t want to be awoken at 5:00 AM by the sound of the early risers raiding the buffet. I have never personally stayed in a room directly beneath the buffet, but I have been in a cabin that was directly below the jogging track. Of course the pounding on the ceiling as joggers ran above us was not nearly as obnoxious as being located above the theatre on another cruise. I have vivid memories of listening to disco hits of the 70s while I was trying to sleep at night.

Your cabin location can be a crucial choice if you are susceptible to sea sickness. Cabins on the higher decks and toward the front and rear of the ship experience the most wave motion. If you are prone to sea sickness then you can reduce your chances of nausea by picking a cabin on a lower deck toward the center of the ship.

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