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How Do I Choose a Cruise?

How Do I Choose a Cruise?

Purchasing a cruise vacation has never been easier than it is today. Anyone can log onto the Internet and book a cruise to almost anywhere in the world in just a few minutes’ time, and with only a few mouse clicks. As easy as it may be to book a cruise though, I would recommend putting a bit more thought into the process.

When Taz and I begin contemplating our next adventure, it usually takes several weeks of research before we are ready to book something. It isn’t that we are indecisive; it’s just that we both like to do our homework to make sure that the cruise that we pick is going to be exactly what we want it to be.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Last year for instance, we were well into the process of planning a cruise and Taz got onto one of the cruise line’s Web sites to double check an itinerary. It was completely by accident, but she stumbled onto a cruise that was ridiculously cheap. I don’t know if the cruise line was having a one day sale, or if they had entered the wrong price on the Web site or what, but the cruise line was advertising a week long European cruise for under $500 per person. That price wasn’t for an inside cabin either, it was for a balcony cabin. Needless to say, we tossed caution to the wind and booked the cruise. The next day the price was back to normal, and we would have missed out on a great cruise had we not recognized an exceptionally good deal when we saw it and taken decisive action. Of course that cruise was the exception to the rule. Normally the planning process takes us several weeks.

The planning process that we use works really well for us, but it probably wouldn’t work for everyone. That being the case, I don’t want to just say “here’s what we do” and leave it at that. Instead, I want to talk about some of the criteria that you should consider when selecting a cruise, and why. Later on I will briefly describe what Taz and I do when we plan a cruise.

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