One of the most important criteria in selecting a cruise is often the ship’s itinerary. In other words, passengers commonly pick cruises based on the ports in which the ship makes call. Even though most cruise ship passengers are first exposed to cruising in the Caribbean, you can take a cruise to almost anywhere in the world, so long as a destination isn’t excessively dangerous or completely landlocked.

I once visited Costa Rica on a ship that offered plenty of shore excursions for adventurous travelers. Some of the shore excursions that were offered included things like zip lining, white water rafting, and spelunking (caving). Earlier this year I had a chance to go back to Costa Rica. This time it was on a ship that was geared toward older people. Ultimately I didn’t end up booking the cruise because there were no adventurous shore excursions offered. Because the ship typically serviced an older clientele, all of the shore excursions were intended for much older passengers. Some of the ship’s offerings included things like visiting a banana plantation or driving around San Jose. I’m sure that these were probably nice excursions; they just weren’t what I was looking for.

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