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The Method to My Madness

Earlier I mentioned that Taz and I usually spend several weeks researching cruises before we book one. Even though I have talked about some of the more important considerations for choosing a cruise, I wanted to wrap things up by explaining how we go about picking a cruise.

The first thing that we usually do is to settle on a general time period when we want to take a cruise. We usually book cruises more than a year in advance, so when we pick a time period we aren’t narrowing down exact sailing dates. Usually we just pick a season. For example, we might decide that we want to cruise in January or February of the following year.

The reason why we start by picking a general time period for the cruising is because my work schedule makes it easier for me to get away during some parts of the year than others. Picking people’s decision. In the end, you have to choose a cruise based on the criteria that is the most important to you.


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