The Ship

For some cruisers the ship itself is a major consideration. This is because cruise ships can be like floating resorts. In fact, some of the ships have so many amenities that I have actually booked a couple of cruises just because I was curious to check out the ship. On those particular cruises, the ship’s itinerary was little more than an afterthought.


Of course every cruise ship is different. While some cruise ships might have ice skating rinks and bowling alleys, others may offer little more in the way of amenities than just a swimming pool.


Generally speaking the larger a ship is, the more amenities are likely to be found on board. At the same time however, larger ships also tend to attract larger crowds. Some of the largest ships routinely accommodate over six thousand passengers. If you aren’t wild about racing thousands of passengers for a seat at the pool or for a table at the buffet then you might be happier on a smaller ship.

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