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You Get to Visit Unusual Places

One of the nice things about cruising is that you may get to visit places that you wouldn’t ordinarily get to go. For example, I just got back from a Baltic Sea cruise. One of the ports that the ship visited was Stockholm, Sweden. Even though Taz and I had been to Sweden before, we had never been to Stockholm. Admittedly, neither of us knew much about Stockholm prior to booking this cruise and it is a place that we have never had a reason to visit. Even so, Stockholm ended up being one of our favorite ports on that cruise. We may never have gotten to experience Stockholm had we limited ourselves to taking land vacations.

OK, I’ll concede that Stockholm is a major European City, and that there is a chance that I might have ended up visiting eventually anyway. I do a lot of business in Europe, so it is perfectly conceivable that I could someday have a client in Stockholm.

Perhaps a better example might be a tiny country called the Republic of Kiribati. Never heard of it? Well, that’s my point. I had never heard of Kiribati either until I booked a cruise that crossed the Pacific Ocean and stopped in Kiribati along the way. Kiribati ended up being a fantastic place to visit, but it is most certainly a place that I never would have made it to had it not been a scheduled stop on a cruise.


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